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True Defense guarantees to deliver an unparalleled level of customer care, support, and assistance. Since our beginning in 2003, we have been offering a full suite of security products and services to businesses nationwide. True Defense is a leading provider of security and audit services to many of today’s leading organizations.

Our expertise in IT security allows us to offer our expert services to an array of clients ranging from corporate service firms, manufacturing companies, physician offices, law firms, retail centers, and financial institutions.

Professional Business & Security Services:

24×7 real time, non-intrusive network, security monitoring and alerting

Critical security and operating system patch management

Monitoring of events, errors, process utilization, memory and network services

Monitoring of network and device availability and connectivity

Regularly scheduled system security analysis

Discovery and remediation of security vulnerabilities

Monitoring and management of firewalls and anti-virus applications

Track and manage software patches

Network spyware and phishing protection

Data backup and disaster planning

Security Updates and Patch Management

Firewall Configuration

Windows, Linux, Mac Server Implementation

Data Recovery