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Building the proper cross-functional roadmap of processes to fulfill your business requirements is absolutely essential. The concept of “measure twice and cut once” is even more applicable when the initial cost of making a mistake is substantial and longer term can lead to slow bleeding through inefficiency.

Our goal at True Defense is to sit down with you as an extension of your executive leadership team, roll our sleeves up, and understand your business requirements, the cost structure, potential investments or capital expenditures, the return on those investments, budget constraints, scale and the ultimate business objectives. Our professionals take a unique independent approach to mapping your business processes and overlaying systems and processes that are both simple and cost effective. The goal is your success and loyalty in a long term relationship with True Defense, not to try and sell you product. In fact, we’ll even help put together “Requests for Quotes” and “Requests for Proposal” with detailed specifications, and manage vendor selection for you. Challenging the vendors to show how their product will specifically deliver to your requirement, not their sales pitch on all the things their product can do.

Our professional have proven track records of successfully analyzing and delivering optimized business process solutions for business models of all sizes. Whether you are starting from scratch, or trying to better utilized your existing resources, we can help. We can also provide project design for major one-time events such as integrating an acquisition, business unit consolidation, business streamlining, and process re-engineering.

Here is a sample of the business process consulting services we provide:

  • Business Process Audit
  • Process Mapping
  • Systems (not just IT) Audit
  • Business Process Planning
  • Project & Integration Management
  • Business Consolidation
  • Systems & Process Integration
  • Streamlining Process
  • Process Re-engineering