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ctoThe Virtual CIO (CTO or CSO) is a professional practice that is growing quickly for True Defense. Especially in our recent economic climate because of the great value it provides our customers. In the case where businesses either do not the need for a full-time CIO or the budget set aside but can benefit from the experience, knowledge and direction of a seasoned IT executive, consider utilizing one of SACA Technologies’ executive virtual CIO’s.

We can attend B2B business meetings and negotiations, be a part of leadership meetings, conduct management and staff meetings, put together budgets, deal with strategic and compliance issues while only having to be on site a day or two a week. The Virtual CIO can also serve as an invaluable reference to include on your website as a member of the management team or be actively participating during an acquisition. Our executives have between 7 and 25 years of actual, “hands on” CIO experience. The best part is you can leverage them when you need them.